American Budokai International



American Budokai International's mission is to maintain the traditional standards of the martial arts and provide training of the highest caliber to affiliate instructors and practitioners globally.


ABI promotes advanced aspects of both internal and external martial arts as a means for individuals, instructors and organizations to achieve self-betterment, self-discovery, and self-discipline via the martial arts and martial sciences. 

Our Values are:

  • To teach the arts to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion, beliefs or nationality who is willing to learn and have no motives to defame and/or use the arts for unethical and/or illegal purposes.

    To spread the teachings of the arts via the most efficient and economic means, thereby reaching as many willing students as possible.

  • To present the martial arts in all aspects. i.e., as a means for self-defense, sport, physical training, philosophy, entertainment, performance, science, health, healing, discipline, meditation, mental development, confidence building, sportsmanship, art, history, culture, etc.

  • To cultivate the martial arts as a vehicle for developing friendships, teamwork, communications and cooperation, and not as a means for dominance, suppression, control or undue influence over others. We discourage egotism and aggressive attitudes.
  • To present the arts in its most realistic form refraining from trickery, myths, deceptions, and supernatural claims.

  • To produce students, instructors and organizations that appreciate and understand the martial arts and who practice and perform to the best of their abilities, while maintaining traditional standards.

  • To develop successors through proper teaching, who will carry on the responsibility of continuing and expanding the missions, principles and most important of all, the philosophy and ethics of the arts.

  • To continue the betterment of the martial arts taught at the School across the globe via the processes of actual practices and applications of the teachings leading to re-evaluation, discovery, and understanding of the arts.
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