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Professional Association of Martial Arts Instructors (PAMAI)

Founded in 1980, by OSensei Steven Roensch, the Professional Association of Martial Arts Instructors  (PAMAI) is a certified organization formed to unite and inform senior members of the martial arts who dedicate their time and effort in maintaining a high level of martial proficiency, standards and traditional values. 

The first PAMAI conference offered instruction in basic first aid, CPR, fundamentals of exercise science, anatomy & physiology, public speaking and close quarters combat.  Now, this program ensures the uniform and consistent delivery of martial arts training throughout the ABI enterprise.

ABI certifies member and affiliate instructors by building on proven, successful methods nearly hundreds of years in development, and aims to establish a global standard for traditional martial arts skills and instructor performance. This network of certified instructors assures that ABI training programs meet the standards of instruction set by the ABI governing and certifying body.

Nearly forty years since its inception, PAMAI has become the "think tank" for American Budokai International member instructors, and the "continued education" for certified instructors. Several of the PAMAI instructors host seminars in their respective regions, as well as travel extensively teaching throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

American Budokai Chief Instructors

O'Sensei Steven Roensch, Judan

Professor Rey Perez, Hachidan

Kyoshi George Sheridan, Hachidan

Shihan Mike Hernandez, Rokudan

Shihan Tamas Torok, Rokudan

2018 Annual PAMAI Seminar is the 9th and 10th of March, held in Hollywood Florida at the Iron Warriors Training Center.

See the Seminar page for more information.

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